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Pierre Julien - Director

Lincoln Strategic’s co-founder, Pierre is an experienced and astonishingly well-connected executive with an unparalleled pedigree in global mining/mineral processing. The current Executive Vice President of Origination at DRA Group Holdings, Pierre has previously held leadership postings with Norcast Castings, Outokumpu Technology North America and Outotec. A corporate-problem solver and big-picture thinker, Pierre provides strategic guidance and support to Lincoln Strategic.

Russ Buckland - Director

Russ is a world-class executive search professional, brand-champion and thought leader who provides strategic guidance and support to Lincoln Strategic. A former Partner at Bedford Group as well as the founder of Bedford Resources, Russ has executed over 2,000 executive and C-suite search projects in the global natural resources and mining space over the past 30 years. Russ previously held HR executive postings at Falconbridge, Kidd Creek Mines and Currough Resources.

Steven Bergounhon - Partner

Lincoln Strategic’s co-founder, Steve drives transformative results for all our clients, at all levels and across all lines of business by both leading challenging management and technical searches and by improving the delivery capacity of our entire project management team. Renowned for his dedication and energy, Steve has played a vital role in shaping Lincoln Strategic’s image and reputation within the mining industry. Timmins-based, Steve is the current Director at the Canadian Institute of Mining – Porcupine Branch.

Erik Buckland - Partner

Erik specialises in high-priority, high-impact and high-visibility roles in corporate and mine operations environments and is at his best in tough recruitment situations that require creativity and unique approaches to overcome difficult challenges. Through his 15+ years’ experience as a Lead Project Manager at Bedford Resources, Erik has developed a very broad network, a strong industry reputation as well the ability to inspire trust, enabling him to very quickly establish and build strong, sustaining relationships. He makes it his mission to understand what the right and natural fit will be for both our clients and candidates.

Diane MacLeod - Project Manager

Diane has 30+ years of professional recruiting experience within the mining industry, working with such companies as Lac Minerals, Teck, Homestake and Barrick Gold. As a professional recruiter Diane focuses on setting and delivering the highest levels of professional standards and client service all with the aim of delivering outstanding results for her clients.

Collin MacKinnon - Recruiter

Collin MacKinnon is a Welder by Trade which positions him well to recruit in mining, civil, and other heavy industries. Collin is well positioned to meet the HR & Talent needs of LSI’s Industrial clients through his hands-on experience and deep network through his specialty stream. Collin is a dynamic, knowledgeable leader with experience in spearheading talent sourcing in diverse client environments. He is personable, client-centered and adept at launching new talent acquisition campaigns through direct “head hunting”. He meets talent where they are to find the best of the best for his client engagements.

Sue Shepherdson - Recruitment Administrator

Susan Shepherdson is a dynamic, knowledgeable leader with over 20 years experience spearheading business development in diverse corporate & community environments. Susan is personable, client-centered professional adept at launching and managing profitable enterprises. She has a long, successful track record of supercharging operations along with key initiatives in high volume recruiting for a variety of heavy industries. She is adept with creating peak performance from both staff and team members through her leadership, communication and negotiations skills to drive the best value proposition for a win-win outcome. She is exceedingly well-versed in Talent, business operations as well as extensive experience in fostering client trust and talent focused strategies.

Katherine Gosselin - Principal Consultant

Katherine is a Human Resources expert with 20+ years of experience. Having worked in Talent & HR for a variety of industries, she developed the deep understanding of companies from the inside out. ​Her passion is developing solid HR professionals and solutions for her clients by helping them build their Talent & HR infrastructure through technology, compliance, and people. In our current climate, every company needs to drive the best value proposition to attract and retain their best talent. Katherine is well positioned to facilitate challenging talent searches in a market that has dramatically changed in the past few years. She can quickly translate her work into action through working with company leadership and HR. Her motto has always been ‘keep the solution simple”.

Melissa Munroe - Project Manager

Melissa Munroe is a Project Manager, Executive Search and Recruiter in mining that provides in depth, accurate, deadline oriented research results for Lincoln Strategic International. Her core competencies include fluency in English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Mona Brown - Project Manager

Mona is an HR and recruiting professional with 20 years in the field. Her passion is in finding the right person for the right job, at the right time. Her client-first approach, limitless drive and energy and time-honed ability to deliver high caliber solutions has earned the trust of our clients.

Sidney Vlieg - Project Manager
Sidney has spent the past two decades working for some of the largest EPCM and Mining companies in the world, as well as working for Canada's largest specialized recruitment firms. He brings over 15 years of experience in the mining and minerals, infrastructure, and environmental sectors. Sidney is based in BC and has a deep network in the West Coast market.
Young Mining Professionals

Young Mining Professionals (YMP) is a growing international association of mining professionals based in major mining centres across the world, that share the goal of advancing the global profile and leadership of the mining and exploration industry. YMP was established to assist participants in obtaining the skills, support and knowledge to successfully advance their careers, develop a network of contacts within the industry, and identify career and mining-related investment opportunities.

LSI has partnered with YMP to further its goals; to support and develop young mining professionals, while helping other YMP members and partners to meet their recruitment needs.

David Lahey, Predictive Success
David is the founder of Predictive Success, the global leader in workforce analytics, assessments and training. By gathering and utilizing hard data, Predictive Success helps organizations to make more objective, rational and information-driven people decisions to build high-performing teams, manage risk, reduce cost, and increase revenues.
  • 20+ years senior leadership with Microsoft Canada.
  • MBA graduate from Queen’s University; Ted Rogers past lecturer.
  • Published Author, Wiley USA.
Alex Montgomery, Alex Montgomery and Associates
Alex has been a brand champion for many global companies. He matches his creativity with business strategy to target a client’s goals. His agency offering and media resources are comprehensive. Activities include: Advertising, Brochures, Corporate Videos, Presentations, Social Media and Web.
  • 12 years’ experience on the client side in a leadership role and 10 years leading his agency.
  • Oakville-based, able to travel with a unique understanding of B2B marketing in the mining and manufacturing space.
Lauri Asikainen, CTT Consulting
A strategy and leadership development coach, consultant and facilitator who helps companies build teams that are deeply connected with markets, company goals and each other. He works with his client to develop their “common picture”, securing deep engagement and motivation to make things happen.
  • 10 years management consulting experience; 20 years executive experience in the international mining and automotive industries.
  • Toronto-based, consulting practice benefits from two solid, time-tested platforms: The Deep Leadership and the K-Concept.

Retail investors don’t always have time to do due diligence, often spending hours sifting through Social media, news releases, investing forums, Sedar filings and the internet in search of information.

Insidexploration locates analytics and brings the story to the forefront of the investing world to help simplify the process. Studies show that investors are turning to interactive technologies for information gathering purposes, Insidexploration offers a more efficient way of obtaining due diligence. They offer an extended analytics on publicly listed companies in the junior mining sector so that you don’t have to spend hours researching. By using video footage, interviews, 3d models and articles, they aim to help make retail feel like a part of the story.

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