Differentiating through Analytics

Lincoln Strategic's core values for recruitment are Simplify, Engage, and Understand.  As an organization we work hard to apply them to every step of the process, and we are committed to using the best tools and techniques available to turn these values into results for our candidates and clients.  For the past two years Lincoln has partnered with Predictive Success; an industry leading performance analytics provider to help us do that.  Predictive Success provides technology to identify behavioural and performance traits of jobs and candidates, and the necessary tools to identify best matches and predict strategies for future success.  This allows us to both better understand our clients' requirements and the candidates who best fit, and in the end provide the strongest possible candidates and intelligence necessary to ensure the best retention and performance for new hires.

Predictive Success provides cutting edge software and solutions for employers all across Canada.  Their technology and expertise helps organizations to hire better people, retain them longer, and increase their productivity.

Lincoln uses their Predictive Index software to identify the key drivers for a role before we start recruiting.  What traits will make a new employee successful in the job?  What goals and attitudes will allow them to thrive in the company?  Using the Predictive Index software we work with our clients to collect and analyze these insights, so we can focus our efforts and identify the best candidates.

Once Lincoln has begun to identify candidates for the role we then use their Behaviour Assessment software to assess the candidate against the predictive analysis of the job, to find the best matches.  We may start with a resume, but with a Behavioural Assessment Lincoln can quickly and accurately identify candidates who not only have the correct technical skills, but the right behavioural and performance makeup to succeed at the job.

Predictive Success and the Predictive Index program have been an invaluable tool in helping Lincoln provide added value to our clients.  Partnering with them allows us to find best-fit candidates not just by looking at their past work history, but by predicting their future behaviour and comparing it to our clients' requirements.

For more information please review the case study prepared for us by our partners at Predictive Success.  If you would like to know more about how we can use these tools to help you address your critical staffing needs, please contact us directly and we will be happy to assist.

Lincoln Strategic -PSC Case Study