How We Work

We drive consistent results for our clients by adhering to three key principles that underpin our entire organization and inform everything we do: 1) Simplify 2) Engage 3) Understand.



We don’t intend to be all things to all people, and believe depth is better than breadth. Our strategic focus is exclusively on the mining and mineral processing space. It’s all we know and it’s all we do.

The intimate understanding of the industry, its key players and its global talent community that this tight focus provides helps us to not only better connect exceptional people with exceptional companies but to provide informed, objective and impactful business insight to our clients.



The key to our success is our relentless networking. We focus on finding talent in the market, not just talent on the market. We constantly prospect through the industry, forging strong relationships with “A players” regardless if they’re actively looking for new opportunities.

This has allowed us to develop a Rolodex of world-class candidates across a wide spectrum of markets, skills and locations who can ultimately drive bottom-line value to our clients.



We “get” you. We analyse your whole business environment, developing a comprehensive understanding of your organisation, culture, strengths, challenges and pain points.

We study your market focus, trends, and competitors. We isolate and focus on the key factors that will appeal to, and attract, top talent.  And we will introduce you to only those candidates who are motivated by the right things and have the right combination of experience, aptitudes and competencies to perform at the highest level.