Our Associates

David Lahey, Predictive Success

DLaheyB&WDavid is the founder of Predictive Success, the global leader in workforce analytics, assessments and training. By gathering and utilizing hard data, Predictive Success helps organizations to make more objective, rational and information-driven people decisions to build high-performing teams, manage risk, reduce cost, and increase revenues.

· 20+ years senior leadership with Microsoft Canada.

· MBA graduate from Queen’s University; Ted Rogers past lecturer.

· Published Author, Wiley USA.

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www http://www.predictivesuccess.com/

Alex Montgomery, Alex Montgomery and Associates


Alex has been a brand champion for many global companies. He matches his creativity with business strategy to target a client’s goals. His agency offering and media resources are comprehensive. Activities include: Advertising, Brochures, Corporate Videos, Presentations, Social Media and Web.

· 12 years’ experience on the client side in a leadership role and 10 years leading his agency.

· Oakville-based, able to travel with a unique understanding of B2B marketing in the mining and manufacturing space.

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www http://alexmontgomeryandassociates.com/

Lauri Asikainen, CTT Consulting

LauriAsikanenA strategy and leadership development coach, consultant and facilitator who helps companies build teams that are deeply connected with markets, company goals and each other. He works with his client to develop their “common picture”, securing deep engagement and motivation to make things happen.

· 10 years management consulting experience; 20 years executive experience in the international mining and automotive industries.

· Toronto-based, consulting practice benefits from two solid, time-tested platforms: The Deep Leadership and the K-Concept.

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www http://www.ConnectTheTeam.com